Physical Therapy

PAPT provides physical therapy for acute and chronic conditions following injury or surgery. We offer a variety of rehabiliation services, both creative and diverse to fit your unique needs. All of our therapists are skilled in manual therapy and exercise perscription, and are former dancers now specilizing in dance medicine. Though we primarily treat performing artists, we offer the highest quality care to our non-performer patients as well.

Our services include:

Joint and Spinal Mobilization Soft Tissue Mobilization
Neurodynamic Mobilization Trigger Point Release
Myofascial Release for older versions of Powerpoint Click here Therapeutic Exercise
Dance Specific Exercise Dynatonics™
Neuromuscular Re-education Postural Re-education
Injury Prevention Craniosacral Therapy
Feldenkrais® Authentic Pilates™
Ultrasound Electrical Stimulation
Iontophoresis New! Sean Gallagher's Vocal Wellness™